LEARN Transition Academy/18-21 Program

Transition Academy graduation picture

The LEARN Transition Academy offers local and regional slots for students 18-21 in a structured and customized program.

This program is designed for young adults that have completed high school requirements for graduation, but need additional programming to prepare for transition into adult life. The community based program provides a curriculum tailored to these moderately to severely disabled students and seeks to engage the participants by meaningful and hands on activities that are consistent with their ability level. Individuals will develop skills in the areas of career and life management. Components of the program include community based life skill instruction, work settings, and social skill instruction. The amount of time each student may spend in any setting will be determined by his or her needs.

For More Information:

Phone: 860-400-0840

Referrals to the 18-21 program:

Regional students should ideally have at least 2 years of eligibility remaining at the time of referral. Regional slot considerations may only be made by a school district representative to LEARN Student Support Services.

Parents seeking referral information should contact their local special education representative.