Regional and District Intensive ABA Programs for Students with Autism

Lillie B. Haynes: East Lyme, CT : Elementary

Old Lyme Center School: Old Lyme, CT: Middle

Old Lyme Center School: Old Lyme, CT: High


The Friendship School: LEARN: Waterford, CT:PreK-K

LEARN offers both regional and school district based intensive services programs for students with autism or other developmental delays. These programs include application of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is a systematic method of increasing socially appropriate behaviors, and decreasing problematic behavior. Data is collected on skills and analyzed to guide instruction in the program. Teaching occurs across many settings and varying formats including discrete trials, within groups and in naturalized environments maximizing incidental opportunities. Key skills are determined by individual needs and include social, motor, verbal, academic, vocational, self-help and reasoning.

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst is an integral part of the program. The consultant works collaboratively with the special education teacher on curriculum development, behavior plans, and the training of the staff, as well as clinical supervision of the program. All classrooms are staffed with a certified special education teacher, who directly supervises support staff (Instructional Assistants/Intervention Specialists). This program services students and families from pre-k-12 and includes related services as determined by the Individual Education Plan.