Diagnostic and Wellness Center


-Individualized evaluations to guide programming and support of development

-Comprehensive behavioral and mental health supports to the whole child

-Transdisciplinary approach to programming and evaluations

-Recommendations for supports in the least restrictive environment at the
end of diagnostic evaluation


-Recognizing and practicing self-regulation and executive functioning skills

-Understanding, requesting and advocating for resources that support their needs

-Recognizing that they have responsibility for their own behavior

-Demonstrating self-regulation in order to access educational opportunities


Pre-K - Elementary
Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy

Middle - High School
Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy

High School - Transition
LEARN Transition Academy
Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy


Contact Student Support Services for more information at (860) 400 - 0840 or [email protected]

Please ask to speak with Christin Kondash, Nurse Supervisor or Erica Mahon, Director of Special Programs and Principal of Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy.