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Social-Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities

OT professional helps guide student in swing in OT room


  • Customized and individualized programming in all areas
  • Behavioral and mental health supports to support the whole child
  • Supportive environments and well-designed learning spaces to promote safety and independence
  • Transdisciplinary approach, utilizing ABA principles and other evidence-based practices

Student Goals and Outcomes

  • Developing responsibility for their own learning and behavior
  • Recognizing and practicing self-regulation and executive functioning skills
  • Building and repairing relationships by working through conflict in healthy ways
  • Practicing self-care, self-awareness, social awareness, and empathy
  • Understanding, requesting, and advocating for resources support their needs
SSS student plays t-ball with assistance from aid
SSS student walks down the hallway with staff member
SSS teacher reads off of flash cards while SSS student participates in activity


Contact Student Support Services for more information at (860)400-0840 or

SSS student smiles while sitting at table in classroom

Each and every day, our dynamic staff uses their high-level skill and knowledge to ensure each student receives a personalized learning experience.Kate Ericson - LEARN Executive Director


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